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Green WastePro is a private company specialized in waste management with the aim to offer eco-friendly solutions in cleaning and waste management. The company aims to provide unparalleled environmental friendly services by using specialized waste collection equipment and tools and also ensuring cleaning the environment in a friendly manner. These objectives are achieved by a team of personnel that is professionally qualified, experienced, dedicated and hardworking. Green WastePro boast a team of experienced personnel in environment issues and waste management.


  • To promote continual improvement in the quality of life.

  • To ensure that the living environment is pleasant.

  • To make a dramatic difference in the life of the communities we engage in



“Think green”

This guides all what we do. Our thinking, operations and intentions to deliver on our mission.


  • Health: Secure a healthy future for all

  • Innovation: Continuously improve

  • Excellence: Be the best

  • Partnerships: Optimize opportunities for quality

  • Responsibility: I am accountable

  • Commitment: It is not done until the client says it is

  • Synergy: Tap the strength of all

  • Quality: All we do, we do to perfection

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We partner with our customers and communities to manage and reduce waste from collection to disposal while recovering valuable resources and creating clean, renewable energy.


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