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Colleges & Universities

On today’s college campuses, there’s new urgency to find the most prudent use of your university’s financial resources and align them with your environmental imperative. Green WastePro is helping colleges and universities achieve a higher level of environmental performance. Our dedicated team of education sustainability experts works with you to enhance your campus’s current green efforts and encourage everyone on campus to think differently about the materials they use.


Comprehensive Waste Programs


Whatever category of waste you need to dispose of – whether it’s regular solid waste, recyclable materials, or products that may be hazardous to people or the environment – Green WastePro can handle them responsibly and cost-efficiently for your campus.

We will help you minimize waste at your institution, even as we work with you toward achieving the ultimate goal of zero waste. 

We provide our services through:


  • Scheduled pickups for solid-waste, recyclable materials, and organic materials

  • Organized collection events for unwanted electronics, expired or unused pharmaceuticals, and more

  • Infrastructure improvements, such as storage containers, and on-site dumpsters


For special events such as graduation, rely on Green WastePro for an array of products to make cleanup fast and easy.


Recycling Programs


Recycling products to make materials available for new manufacturing is the smart way to deal with our planet’s limited natural resources. Paper products, glass, metal and most plastics can be recycled.

As one of Tanzania’s largest recyclers, Green WastePro uses the latest sorting technologies at many of our facilities. By bringing single-stream recycling to your campus, we make it easier for students, faculty and others to recycle because they can place all their recyclable materials together in one bin – no sorting required. This, in turn, can boost recycling participation significantly.

Beyond student life, recycling plays an important role as your campus grows and changes. New campus buildings and renovations of existing ones are opportunities to reduce landfill diversion.

Our campus recycling programs include:

  • Single- and dual-stream programs to make recycling more accessible and convenient

  • Food and organics recycling to turn discarded food and organic material into nutrient-rich compost

  • Campus events to recycle electronics, CFL lamps, universal waste, batteries, medical waste, and sharps

  • Hazardous Waste collection to recycle medical sharps, universal and chemical waste in accordance with applicable laws. 

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