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Green WastePro helps healthcare organizations like yours adopt sustainable strategies that optimize profitability without compromising quality of care.

By applying the best practices we’ve honed over years of experience across a broad spectrum of industries, we can help your healthcare facility:

  • Further the goal of sustainability for your organization, your patients, your community, and the planet itself.

  • Streamline operations to minimize waste and reduce costs.

  • Improve safeguards that protect your patients, facility and reputation.


The results can be far-reaching. As one of Tanzania’s leading environmental services and recycling companies, Green WastePro has helped other highly regulated organizations recoup several million T Shillings in value by recycling items they were used to throwing away.


Healthcare Facility Solutions

Control costs without compromising quality of care


Community Solutions

Programs to help dispose of potentially hazardous materials


Pharmaceutical Solutions

Tools and support to help you reduce environmental impact


Clinic Solutions

Safe disposal of pharmaceutical and biohazardous waste

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