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All across the city, in partnerships with municipalities like yours, Green WastePro is working to create safe, sustainable environments for residents and local businesses.


We’re Tanzania’s leading environmental services company. But our company is more than a collection of services. We are committed community partners. We work side by side with municipalities like yours to lower costs. Together, we can safeguard health, foster sustainability and keep public spaces clean and litter-free.


Community Solutions


Communities across Dar es Salaam can rely on Green WastePro to customize programs that fit their budgets and environmental needs.

We can do the same for you. We’ll draw on proven and emerging technologies to help you reach your economic, civic and environmental goals.

As Tanzania’s leading environmental services company, Green WastePro offers you an unrivaled range of services. Although we’re big, our involvement is intensely local. We are part of the community and participate in local civic groups. We work with local businesses, schools and healthcare facilities. And, our trucks and our people are on your streets every day.


Scheduled Waste Pickup

Reliable, customized collection programs for your community


Scheduled Recycling Pickup

Makes it easier than ever for you to divert waste and recycle


Yard Waste

Helps your community collect grass clippings, leaves & limbs


Food Waste

Transform foodstuffs into nutrient-rich compost


Electronics Recycling

Handle all your municipal eCycling needs with ease


Medical Waste Solutions

An entire suite of easy-to-use medical waste disposal options


On-Demand Disposal

Dumpster services


Waste Watch Programs

Helps you keep your streets and neighborhoods safe


Community Events Services

Makes public gatherings more comfortable and enjoyable



Creating unexpected economic benefits for communities


Transfer Stations

Assisting communities without convenient access to landfills


At Your Door Special Collection

Responsible solutions for your difficult-to-recycle household items



Residential Solutions


A livable neighborhood starts with a clean, safe and healthy environment.

As your community partner, Green Waste Pro provides your residents with the vital, everyday services they need, cost-efficiently. At the same time, we’ll be helping your municipality move closer to environmental sustainability.


Waste Pickup

Customized waste collection & hauling program for residents


Curbside Recycling Pickup

Making it easier for your residents to recycle


Yard Waste

Pickup for grass clippings, leaves & limbs


Food Waste

Transforming leftovers into compost & renewable energy


On-Demand Disposal

Dumpster service


Electronics Recycling

Keeping potentially harmful materials out of the trash


Bulk Waste Pickup

Helps dispose of items too big for regular pickup container


Household Hazardous Waste

Safe pickup, treatment of household toxic materials

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