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Green WastePro's Impact



Plastic Recycled


Cardboard & Paper




Waste picked from clean ups

Recycling and environmental consultation

From ‘Think Green’ comes ‘Act Green’. This is how we turn waste into a resource and put sustainability at the core of our business.


We are committed to make recycling easier for you, and our dedicated team of experts are ready to assist in making this possible. We have a dedicated recycling truck specifically for picking up recyclable waste, to ensure no contamination in the transport process.


 We are also able to consult on aiding your business, residence or establishment to become ‘greener’ in the way you carry out your day to day activities in relation to waste and carbon generation. This could be through enabling systems to encourage recycling in the office through to education on using less plastics, we are there to advise on a range of solutions customized to you.

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