We live in a world where materials can no longer go to waste. As our natural and man-made resources are becoming scarcer and more valuable, we are all looking for ways to balance Tanzania's economic growth and the environment. That's why we’re on a quest to help our Government partners maximize resource value, while minimizing – and even eliminating – environmental impact so that both our nation’s economy and our environment can thrive.


From the basics – picking up your waste on schedule – to high-tech, next-generation programs like closed-loop, sustainable solutions and renewable energy projects, our team is committed to providing unparalleled service and being your total environmental services provider.


Waste Pickup

Reliable, professional service that works on your schedule.



Helping you collect and recover more recyclable materials.


Renewable/Alternative Energy

Creating energy from what used to be considered waste.


Zero Waste/Landfill Diversion Goals

Plans that include recycling, reuse and closed-loop solutions.


Organics Compositing Recycling Solutions

Transforming food and other organic materials into valued materials.


Hazardous Waste/Remediation Services

Professional service with an excellent indemnification package.


Electronics Recycling


We partner with our customers and communities to manage and reduce waste from collection to disposal while recovering valuable resources and creating clean, renewable energy.


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