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Health & Safety

Our HSE Management System (HSEMS) provides a framework for the achievement of continual HSE improvement, the rate and extent of which will be determined by Management in the light of Corporate, Economic and Legal Requirements.  Improvement in HSE performance can be expected due to the adoption of a systematic approach. It is intended that the HSEMS will enable the Company to achieve, and systematically control, an improved level of HSE performance. The objectives of the HSEMS are to demonstrate to our internal and external stakeholders the Company’s commitment to HSE by:

Health Safety & Environmental Policy

The policy provides a framework that articulates the Company’s intentions and principles in relation to HSE management.  The policy provides a context for the setting of HSE objectives and targets and outlines the actions to be undertaken by the Company in the implementation, operation and review of the sound HSE management.


Management System Procedures and Programs

Procedures and Programs provide the details for how the Company effectively and efficiently manages Operational & HSE processes and issues.

Fire Drill Training for the Green Waste Pro Staff

Standard Operating Procedures and Strategies

Standard (Safe) Operating Procedures (SOP’s) are set up for all jobs or tasks to provide worker guidance that assist in minimising health, safety or environmental impacts.  Wherever and whenever possible, HSE requirements are incorporated into work instructions, as the integration of HSE management activities into core work practices is important for maximising business profitability


Key Elements of our Program

  • Risk Assessments

  • Specific Job Instruction

  • HSE Committee

  • Communication

  • Inspections

  • Incident Investigations

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