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Service Zones

We currently service four (4) wards in the Ilala district of Dar es Salaam. Our intention is to grow further and cover the entire city with our sustainable driven technologies.

1.Kisutu ward Service zones
Kisutu ward has four (4) zones. This zone is small in size and therefore requires a crew ranging from 15 to 30 with a supervisor to manage the cleaning operations. The road sweeper runs minimum of (2) rounds per week to sweep and wash the streets clean. The Kisutu ward map indicating the four zones can be seen here.


2. Kivukoni ward Service zones
Kivukoni ward has six (6) zones. There are six zones due to geographical diffusion of the area. Kivukoni is also a highly populated area and combines high density population, office and institutions. It has been crucial and important to have the ward into the given zones to enable the ease of cleaning services. With the number of people in the area, it depends on the nature of day and the wastes disposed in the area. A minimum of thirty (30) staff are required to keep kivukoni ward clean, ofcourse the machines and tools are used concurrently to speed the process. The Kivukoni ward map indicating the six zones can be seen here.

3. Mchafukoge ward service zones. 
Mchafukoge ward has eight (8) zones. The area requires a minimum of 35 staff to service. The Mchafukoge ward map indicating the eight zones can be seen here.

4. Kariakoo ward service zones. 
Kariakoo ward has thirteen (13) zones. The area requires a minimum of 45 staff to service. The Kariakoo ward map indicating the thirteen zones can be seen here.

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