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Food & Retail

Retail, Restaraunt & Grocery Store/Chain Solutions

Rely on Green WastePro to provide a totally customizable suite of programs and services that allow you to minimize waste and deliver substantial business value across your entire enterprise.


Think of us as your one-stop-shop environmental provider -- delivering sustainable results at the relentless speed of retail.


Organics Recycling

Recycling your food and other organic waste is a fresh idea that can produce both economic and environmental savings. This naturally efficient, budget-friendly disposal alternative from Green WastePro can benefit your company, your community and the environment.


Single Stream Recycling

Green Waste Pro helps boost your stores’ diversion rates and green image with easier-to-use recycling programs.


Solid Waste Hauling

Green Waste Pro delivers a customized waste pickup plan that revolves around your retail outlets.


Electronics Recycling

Green Waste Pro brings convenient, cost-effective and environmentally responsible electronics recycling services to your retail chain.


On-Demand Disposal

From remodeling to seasonal sales, when your retail outlets generate more debris than normal, look to Green Waste Pro to create a system-wide solution that delivers on schedule.


Compactor Solutions

Green Waste Pro’s compactor solutions can help your stores save up to 50% on hauling costs, save up to 70% on energy usage and reduce your carbon footprint.


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